Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions are questions that you, the cutomer, may need answers to. Below are a list of some of the questions with answers, so you may no longer need to contact us.

If however you are unable to find satisfactory answers to your questions, please you can reach us through our available channels on our contact page or just simply by filling the form below.

  • What exactly are your services?

    Generally, we move people and/or property from one location to another via our routing, hiring or haulage services. Our vehicles are used as public transportation and can be hired for school trips, guided tours, conveying people for social events such as weddings, birthdays etc. We also move properties, goods and items through our haulage services.
  • To hire, can I book ahead of time or do I have to pay eaxctly at the time I need your services?

    Which ever choice pleases you. However it is recommended you book and pay ahead of time, especially during festive periods or holidays where there is usually a high rate of people commuting.
  • Which routes do your vehicles ply for public transportation?

  • Do your vehicles operate just within Oyo state or outside the state?

    Our vehicles operate both within and outside the state. We run both intra-city (within) and inter-city (outside) operations.
  • What, where and how do I pay for your services

    For regular bus trips from one location to another, you pay a stipulated amount based on your destination. You pay while boarding the buses
    For hiring, you can book ahead of time by paying online or by visiting our office


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